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CRM Data Management

Understanding your customer is the first step towards forming a solid relationship with them. After working with a multitude of customer service departments and call centers, Data247 has acquired intricate knowledge of how the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry operates. Our data services will help you to:

  •  Achieve better ROI & higher conversions
  •  Gain deeper KYC (Know Your Customer) insights
  •  Reduce costs and eliminate wastage of resources
  •  Provide better customer experience for new and existing customers

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Zapier and Beyond . . .
Data247 Works with Many IPaaS Providers

Data247 supports many iPaaS providers for more integration options

Read the Blog  

Read the Blog  

Data247 supports many iPaaS providers

Verify Customer Contact Info

    Verify customer contact info

Having a comprehensive customer contact database is essential for proper engagement with your customers. This is only possible if you have valid contact details; email addresses and phone numbers. Data247 contact data verification services are reliable and have high accuracy.

Click here to learn more about our Verify247 (Email) and Verify247 (Phone number) services.

Identify Inbound Callers

    Identify inbound callers

Append247 (Name) is our CNAM, or "Caller-ID Name" solution. With CNAM, you can identify inbound callers whose phone numbers are not already present in your CRM database. Existing screen pop software can often be modified to search for a customer record based on the name when the phone number is not present, saving time and money on call handling.

Click here to learn more about Append247 (Name) service.

CRM data management

Find your CRM data solution.

Our data is sourced from vetted, real-time data points providing your business with high-quality data.

  •  Data-on-demand; Real-time availability of data to companies 24/7.
  •  Multiple ways & formats to access your data; XML, APIs, Batch File uploads or Manual data entry.
  •  Easily integrate with global brands, i.e. Salesforce, Asterisk, Workato, etc.
  •  Pay-as-you-go pricing.