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Automation at Work! Data247 now Integrated with Zapier and Integromat

Make your different applications and processes work together

Posted by Data247 Staff on 01/02/2018

Do you spend time manually processing tasks between different business apps such as filling out lead forms or sending out emails? What if you could get this done automatically and get notifications that all this work is getting done behind the scenes for you? This is where App automations with platforms like Zapier and Integromat can come in handy, especially if you’re a small business owner. It’s like having extra helpers to keep everyday tasks going while giving you the time to focus on other things.

How can you and your business benefit from automation?

Both Zapier and Integromat allow you to create different work processes. Zapier calls these workflows, and Integromat calls them customized scenarios. They both work in very similar ways where you set up certain “actions” to follow based on certain “triggers.” When a certain trigger is set, such as getting a new email in Gmail, it will set an action into motion i.e. copying the attachment into Dropbox or getting a Slack alert like the one illustrated here:

You can set multiple actions to follow, and certain actions can then be triggers for other actions. This makes a cascading domino effect that can create a long, automated workflow like the one detailed below from Integromat.

This helps save time and money as you can automate processes across hundreds of apps. Even better news is that now Data247 is now integrated with both Zapier and Integromat! So, you can add Data247 features as automated tasks to your customized scenario and workflows. Here are some of the ways Data247 features can be automated as triggers and actions:

Use Data247’s Phone Append or Email Append to get customer phone numbers or email addresses appended to your data files automatically

Automatically send bulk SMS with Data247’s Text@ through email with Email-to-SMS.

See all of Data247’s features here:

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